Who, What, Why

Hi, my name is James Taylor…

Me and my guy IFBB Pro Austin Williams at the Arnold Festival in Columbus

…and I’m only here to present the things I’ve come to recognize as truth in life, even if it’s just in a fleeting moment during an extraordinary experience.

Victory Over JJ Davis

I’m a 35-year old retired amateur MMA fighter, semi-pro football player, former pharmacy technician/finance guy/amateur fashion designer(insert about ten other categories at your discretion here), hopefully, you get the point. If not, here it is; I’ve spent most of my life trying all sorts of random stuff out because at some point along the way I realized I learned from life the best when I actually experienced it myself. For some people, this just equates to taking a vacation to an “exotic island” which is really a place where pretty average people actually live. We just never see those parts of the location, just the place built for tourists. So what exactly is living?

My personal definition? Well, to be alive is to be living and breathing, but to FEEL alive…that’s why people take “vacations.” Most people feel the need to escape the daily reality that sometimes, it’s frankly hard to look out at the world and convince oneself that everything is okay. That’s what I realized. I watched everyone growing up, and I mean everyone. I watched couples get engaged and break it off, marriages seemed to last only a few years(watched my dad go through three of them, along with the pain I went through in college dealing with breakup…yeah I didn’t want to have to force myself to go through with that.) Not that I didn’t try. I just moved on with the evolution. No need to try something that doesn’t seem to work, it seems logical that someone must find what does.

Right before being homeschooled for five years

Maybe it was that I was homeschooled from 4th through 9th, one of the most trying periods in any adolescents life. Maybe that’s what taught me to do whatever I thought I should be doing because it was my life to live and not theirs. I was the oldest of six, with a sixteen-year gap between me and the youngest, but I won’t say I had it worse than anyone else. I just took everything in, and it made zero sense for me to do exactly what everyone else was doing, as we already knew where that path ends.

Fight vs. Scott McClain

The latest “thing” for me is that I’ve been vegan for the past five years. I was no saint the first year, but I definitely made mistakes. That being said, it was life’s biggest lesson in a nutshell. Always continue learning, always continue applying the new knowledge, and always look for ways to improve in this sustained lifestyle. No where else in life, other than sports, was that lesson more real and powerful.

That’s the only way one could truly BE the change they want to see. Changing as they see fit, as is necessary, and as is foreseen, as one truly does the best they can to be the best possible version of themselves that they can be, no matter what the situation.

Powerhouse Gym Columbus Photoshoot

I’m James Taylor, and I’m an African-American male in America seeking all the possible truths that could restore true order to the world. Not a semblance of it, but an order that brings peace and happiness to everyone on earth. Including the animals and impoverished countries. Everyone born should have the opportunity to have their every need met, as we live in harmony with nature and those around us.

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