Being the Hero

Week 5, Day 2

Being the hero. ‘Hero’ is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.”

I realized that here at the Academy, especially this new stage I’ve entered at the Academy of Destiny, is prepared for those willing to sacrifice to exceed the limits of ‘typical’ humanity. I do not refer to humanity in terms of judgement, but in relationship to how we’ve been educated to exist. This teaching is compounded in addition to our innate DNA structure and lack of skill in using metaphysical skills.

What this means, is that our DNA and metaphysical skills, labeled by the Academy as MetaDNA, is coded and adjusts to, our environments, teachings, abilities, and beliefs. This is why the Academy’s existence is so crucial to those who want to exceed the ‘typical’ human capabilities. We are only taught so much before forsaking our ‘humanity.’ Which means to exceed, we have to seek more. More knowledge. Trendsetting. Being noble. Being courageous, authentic, and true to oneself and the future one seeks.

IMG_Mononoke_20180414_202505_processedThe above photograph of me was taken last week when I was allowed to go off campus to attend a community event, something I ‘typically’ don’t ever do. I had to write a letter request to the Council of Truth, the regulatory authority for the Academy of Destiny. Because the AOD is underneath the umbrella of Hero Academy and its regulatory authority, the Truth, any requests for off-campus activities requires a test of the heart.

This test is the same test the goddess Ma’at in Egypt was revered for. I spoke of this in an earlier post, I just wasn’t aware the Academy had figured out a way to replicate the test even more delicately than the human ‘lie detector test.’ The AOD and it’s Council incorporates an individual’s chakras with the test as well, making sure that the request is a perfect request, untainted by human faults. The request also has to be in alignment with daily questing, and in this case, my heart balanced evenly versus the feather.

My request? Seek what it means to be noble, courageous, and fearless. My human form is a natural introvert, but Hero Academy doesn’t care about ‘natural human tendencies.’ In fact, the Academy’s fifth rule is to run away from what’s comfortable. It was simple, I’d leave campus to attend a vegan event, and support my community by showing up and lending a hand where I could. When weighed, my intention was found to be pure, and my request was honored.

Hopefully I will get an opportunity to show you my hero suit soon. I do know my colors are going to be black, bright green, and white.

Logging out,

BlackRHIINO, -Class 18 Hero

Published by James Taylor

Vegan, Activist for True Justice and Equality, Philosopher, Athlete, Fighter, Self-Published Author, Truth Seeker. This blog is intended to help us all grow and come into knowledge together as we learn more during the age of information. Please leave comments for discussion!

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