Then I Moved to San Diego

Thoughts a Week Later

The Seeker Post #14

You know, there’s this thing about finding oneself.  There’s this THING about learning about yourself and adjusting to this literal game of life.  When you understand this entire thing we call life is just a series of choices made and not made, one realizes the importance of the cause and effect of every decision rippling incessantly and infinitely through this time in space.

What happens in one area of the universe ultimately affects every other area.  No matter how minor we think a choice might be, in the grandest of all schemes, everything matters.  Even the smallest choices of whether to eat the one extra cookie, or have the one extra sip, or the one extra piece, shows a lack in one’s discipline that will affect every other aspect of their life.  You want to know anything about a person, watch how and when they eat. Listen, I’m guilty of it too, and I do believe that when you reach the shore of every goal that you have eyed down through years of obsessive planning that you should celebrate the accomplishment.  But decide on the amount of time spent celebrating, and get back to business. Because a lack of discipline in a crucial moment, is what could cost us our lives.

buildings in Downtown San Diego
Downtown San Diego

Why did I move to San Diego?  I’m not sure how many of you reading these lines right now are actually asking that question, but it’s relevant to my entire life.  Since the age of around 10 years old, I had this desire to be west, to be in California, to live in California. By the beach. I wanted to be able to jog to the beach.  

As I gain experience through my journey of life I understand how my choices now have causes and effects.  My choices are influenced by beliefs, and every decision has a consequence, whether we speak on the immediate, short terms effects, or the long term issues that follow us through life like a bad odor.  

Vegan Strawberry Cream Donut
Strawberry Cream Vegan Donut at the Donut Bar in Downtown San Diego

I know that we have pleasure sensors that need activated every once in a while.  San Diego was going to provide some much needed sunshine, the beautiful Pacific Ocean and all the beaches, a change of pace, 70 degrees a majority of the time compared to cold and gray, and most likely an increase in income to provide for the increase in cost of living.

Knowing that writing is a ten year process at least(anything worth having usually takes that long to manifest as a legitimate talent), I know that I have to fill up the time inbetween doing things that people wonder about doing.  

waterfront park San Diego
Waterfront Park San Diego

So why did I move to San Diego when I had a one bedroom apartment in a gray, cold, rainy city that had almost no one that looked like me for $550 a month with a job that didn’t ask much of me?  I needed the challenge, and I wanted to give myself the opportunity to become the writer I always wanted to be. And we cannot write without experiencing.

I felt like I was locked in a cage.  Most of my life I’ve never really left an area.  It’s way too comfortable staying around areas that are familiar being on roads you know, doing things that are pretty decently easy.  I had been prepping to move to a city like San Diego for at least a decade, and at some point I had to pull the trigger and just go. Work can be found everywhere if you’re looking for it, and it’s probably a great time to put the pride away, and do what must be done, when it must be done, with no questions asked.

San Diego is the most beautiful place I’ve seen so far on the planet.  I haven’t been to much of it, but my 34 hour drive from Columbus, Ohio to San Diego, California was honestly quite dreadful.  I won’t lie, sleeping in the car probably isn’t the way to go for that kind of trip, one might need a bed if you’re going to spread out that trip over a few days.  Just a warning.

Expresso in Little Italy, San Diego

I know that I will make this city work for me, and I hope I can show you how to do the same in your life.  You can change any situation you want, just by changing your mindset. The mindset allows you to access the tools necessary to create the change in your life, because everything that happens in our life results from some belief in an idea.

An idea can never truly be manifested in the physical, but understanding that can help give us some comfort knowing there’s pleasure in the doing of the thing we created.  So many get stuck on the idea portion, not realizing that our creations are creations, not the idea. Freedom cannot be expressed physically, but it can be felt internally.

Downtown San Diego Apartment
Downtown San Diego Apartment

It’s why I moved to San Diego.  It’s why I moved west to California.  I wanted to be free. Free from everything I thought was helping me, free from the gray, free from the scarcity mindset, free from the mediocrity that Ohio living afforded me. Changing the world starts with oneself, and I first have to change my own world before I can even think of helping facilitate change for others.

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Vegan, Activist for True Justice and Equality, Philosopher, Athlete, Fighter, Self-Published Author, Truth Seeker. This blog is intended to help us all grow and come into knowledge together as we learn more during the age of information. Please leave comments for discussion!

3 thoughts on “Then I Moved to San Diego

  1. Great post! I love your words on changing one’s mindset, powerful! Thank you for continuing to share your experience. (Fully noted… Do not sleep in car on a 30+ hour car journey, lol)


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