Perception and Ego

“To see a thing uncolored by one’s own personal preferences and desires is to see it in its own pristine simplicity.”

Bruce Lee

Our perception is clouded by all the things we believe and hold true in our lives. How we grew up, the people we were around, the things we saw or didn’t see, and the goals that we currently have.

Everything just is. Our perception is the coloring agent of the world.

The Enemy of Development is the Phobia of Pain

Because we are mostly unwilling to accept any pain at all in our lives, whether emotional, physical, or mental, we cannot experience development without some type of uncomfortable circumstance or experience.

Get Rid of Your Attitude

Until you can open yourself up completely without the fear, without perceptions which are mainly untrue, and express yourself fully, you will have an attitude about the way things are.

What is your internal reality? How does that compare to your external form? If your external does not reflect your internal, learn to express and let go completely so that it can.

The Obstacle of Ego

Ego in its first form acts as a protective layer for our beliefs and preferences, whether these preferences and beliefs are right or wrong. This means that any ego that runs unchecked will perform a block of acceptance to anything outside of its realm of preference.

Man and woman must learn to USE the ego, and not be used by it or blinded by it.

To be used by the ego:

Is to let your perceptions and beliefs control your actions, emotions, and environment.

To be blinded by the ego:

Is to let ego color the world the way it is NOT. This is where unfounded opinions about what a small percentage of what’s going on come from. We believe, so we find something that tells us what we believe, and based on the small amount of info we have based on an even smaller study, we act, or don’t.

One Cannot See Through Others if They Cannot See Through Themselves

Ponder this:

To not be able to see one’s own:

  • Failures/Mistakes/Lessons
  • Shortcomings
  • Lesser nature
  • Opportunities to get better
  • Lack of ability or surplus of

Means that one can never see those in other people. If you can see through your own self told lies, stories that aren’t real, etc. then it’s highly probable that you can see other people for who and what they are, also without cloudy vision or judgement.

Published by James Taylor

Vegan, Activist for True Justice and Equality, Philosopher, Athlete, Fighter, Self-Published Author, Truth Seeker. This blog is intended to help us all grow and come into knowledge together as we learn more during the age of information. Please leave comments for discussion!

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