Being the Hero

Week 5, Day 2

Being the hero. ‘Hero’ is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.”

I realized that here at the Academy, especially this new stage I’ve entered at the Academy of Destiny, is prepared for those willing to sacrifice to exceed the limits of ‘typical’ humanity. I do not refer to humanity in terms of judgement, but in relationship to how we’ve been educated to exist. This teaching is compounded in addition to our innate DNA structure and lack of skill in using metaphysical skills.

What this means, is that our DNA and metaphysical skills, labeled by the Academy as MetaDNA, is coded and adjusts to, our environments, teachings, abilities, and beliefs. This is why the Academy’s existence is so crucial to those who want to exceed the ‘typical’ human capabilities. We are only taught so much before forsaking our ‘humanity.’ Which means to exceed, we have to seek more. More knowledge. Trendsetting. Being noble. Being courageous, authentic, and true to oneself and the future one seeks.

IMG_Mononoke_20180414_202505_processedThe above photograph of me was taken last week when I was allowed to go off campus to attend a community event, something I ‘typically’ don’t ever do. I had to write a letter request to the Council of Truth, the regulatory authority for the Academy of Destiny. Because the AOD is underneath the umbrella of Hero Academy and its regulatory authority, the Truth, any requests for off-campus activities requires a test of the heart.

This test is the same test the goddess Ma’at in Egypt was revered for. I spoke of this in an earlier post, I just wasn’t aware the Academy had figured out a way to replicate the test even more delicately than the human ‘lie detector test.’ The AOD and it’s Council incorporates an individual’s chakras with the test as well, making sure that the request is a perfect request, untainted by human faults. The request also has to be in alignment with daily questing, and in this case, my heart balanced evenly versus the feather.

My request? Seek what it means to be noble, courageous, and fearless. My human form is a natural introvert, but Hero Academy doesn’t care about ‘natural human tendencies.’ In fact, the Academy’s fifth rule is to run away from what’s comfortable. It was simple, I’d leave campus to attend a vegan event, and support my community by showing up and lending a hand where I could. When weighed, my intention was found to be pure, and my request was honored.

Hopefully I will get an opportunity to show you my hero suit soon. I do know my colors are going to be black, bright green, and white.

Logging out,

BlackRHIINO, -Class 18 Hero

Faith, Hero Academy, and the Academy of Destiny

Week 4, Day 3


The above photo was taken of me a day before the Hero Academy Lesson of Faith. Faith is stronger than hope.  Hope is a belief and a wish.  Hope requires less energy and effort than faith.  Faith requires constant action.  We commit to the constant action because of our faith.  What does this have to do with the above photo?  Because faith is the reason for the smile on my face.  I had been selected with ten others in my class for the Lesson of Faith.  Every Hero of legend and of current passed the trial of the Lesson of Faith.

Faith is this quirky thing.  At Hero Academy after I was selected for the Lesson of Faith I also received an anonymous letter that I was instructed not to speak of.  It was a letter regarding meeting one of my instructors at The Cliff.  The Cliff was the highest point on campus, and there was a rumor that whoever is asked to go to The Cliff never returns to campus.  No one is allowed there without an instructor.  I assumed it was nonsense until I received the anonymous letter.

The letter instructed me to meet my professor at the location at 18:00 this past weekend and the gentleman in the picture above with me was also there.  We were asked if we wanted to be legends.  With a lifelong fear of heights and the Lesson of Faith scheduled for the very next day, the last place I wanted to be was here, at The Cliff.

But I smiled.  It no longer was of any consequence what happened to me.  Chasing the life as a hero for the people was the only thing that mattered to me.  Is the only thing that matters to me.  Whatever was required of me I was prepared to give.

We were asked to step off the cliff.  I was already promised a seat at the Lesson of Faith trials to begin my next course.  This was my faith.  So I raised one foot, as did my friend.  And we stepped off.

As we did, steps appeared from the cliff and guided our steps down the ravine.  We had reached the Academy of Destiny inside of Hero Academy.

The Magic of Hero Academy

Entry 3, Day 13 20:00 Hrs


future city arip

This week at H.A. was particularly interesting.  We learned of magic, and the power of words and written words.  In one of our lessons we learned of Heka, an Egyptian God whose name meant magic, and through his power created the world with two other gods.  The gods of perception and insight, and the god of authoritative speech.  “The most important of these were the gods Sia, Hu, and Heka. Sia was the power of perception or insight, which allowed the creator to visualize other forms. Hu was the power of authoritative speech, which enabled the creator to bring things into being by naming them.”

My thoughts on this lesson were the following.  If magic therefore is achieving _______ by indirect means, then filling in the blank (authoritative speech) with a powerful word(end goal) must be learned through perception and insight.  Is this not that magic of achieving goals through changing one’s perception?



The Academy’s classes has been excruciatingly grueling.  The constant learning, the constant testing, and the constant increasing of energy and one’s ki to resonate with the earth(which literally can be translated to ki) can be draining.  However, achieving a heightened state of enlightenment to grasp hold of one’s power as a potential hero candidate requires sacrifice, dedication, and separation from one’s old self.  Renewing of the mind is a theory of many biblical and historical texts, one that is especially crucial in accepting, processing, and applying metaphysical information.

Ki, also synonymous with chi, is that which is inside of a human that separates the living from the dead.  If the earth is also synonymous with ki, the same ki that is inside of us, can we not also connect to the force that holds the earth together?  If we were made from the earth can we not resonate fully with it?  Would that force be gravity?  Or something else?  These are questions I have to answer by the end of my first year here as a student.

Well, it’s time to get back to class.  This one at 22:00 hrs is about Creation and Ingenuity.   See you soon.

BlackRhiino, PCE-1

The Heroes of the Academy

The Academy has been around for as long as humans consciousness has existed. It materializes for those willing to put themselves through whatever it takes to achieve the dream they desire.

Once enrolled, the pace moves at twice the speed of normal life outside of the Academy. For every week that passes outside of the Academy, two weeks pass inside. This phenomenon, called the “DREAM Accelerator” also known as the Daily Recourse and Enabler of Action Mechanism, is part of the sleep testing mechanism I touched on in entry one from last week.

This “mechanism” helps the student engage in meditation and lucid dreaming, taking the strongest desires and goals dreamt of by the individual, and processes them into daily activities meant to help clarify and achieve said goals.

This week at the Academy we enrollees spent a majority of time studying previous and current heroes in various genres of life. The Academy takes your mental and physical capabilities, garnered from a test at entry, and amplifies them by placing you under the mentorship of heroes in that category.

Unfortunately, we enrollees at the Academy are banned from using the names of the heroes, as publicity affects their behind the scenes work. However if you dig just enough, you can probably discover who the heroes in your genre are. In studying the heroes closely related to your skill set, you can find a possible entry point into the Academy, as the Academy appears before those who dream.

It’s almost the end of week two at Hero Academy, and I’ve met a few people from my class as well as the Heroes in my division. Some of my heroes spent 10 to 15 years leveling to get to their current state. They travel the world bring hope and positivity wherever they go, and I will strive to be a part of that someday. Until then my status is that of a D1, a Level 1 Dreamer, the lowest on the hero totem pole. After Dreamer Level 5 comes Savant levels 1-5, then Hero Levels 1-20. It’s a long road, but not for the Dedicated. The Dedicated I’d an additional title that also brings special abilities to Heroes as well as those striving for positioning at the S1 level.

Who are some of your heroes?

The Journey Begins


It was a brisk afternoon. A brisk, cold, and miserable afternoon to be exact. The little sunshine that did peek out from behind the clouds was overshadowed by a bitter breeze that would cut your skin in razor-sharp microscopic ways, unseen to the untrained eye, but registered nonetheless in the highly functional computer system we call a brain. I had packed my bags and was finally heading back to where I should have enrolled when I first awoke here on Earth: Hero(Earth) Academy.

Right now, you’re probably trying to figure out if this is a real story, about a real person, and I assure you that assumption is correct. However I must warn you, I cannot write with conventional labels as a registered student at Hero Academy, nor can I associate with this current Earthling system outside of ventures off campus. Oh, and by “awoke I do mean when I first awoke, or became conscious of my standing, position, and duty as a humanoid superhero candidate on this planet.

Before I lose you, I must introduce myself. My name is James, but my Hero Academy code name is BlackRhiino. I do live a very real life here on Earth, in the United States, and have very real interactions with very real people in my city of residence. I received my code name from the Source of information at Hero Academy. I suspect it has something to do with my status as an African-american male, I’m vegan, and my spirit animal is also that of an African black rhino. Yes, the gallery is me, in different chapters of my previous existence as a human on this planet.

If you’re still reading, thank you. As I send these letters from Hero Academy, I hope to share some of Earth’s best secrets in human interaction, brain function, achieving your higher self, and other courses of study from the Academy. Look for the information on a weekly basis. I will be telling you the stories of my quests, given to me by the Academy, and friends that I meet along my journey. My quests will give me the experiences I need to reach my highest form, and when I can, I will share with you those experiences as well.

Due to the strenuous nature of the course workload and lofty experience goals(up to 300,000 experience points for Level 20 Hero), students at the Academy are given extreme warnings about contact with the outside world. Having failed out of the Academy once before, I plan to only send these letters out to this site once a week, as I was told this was my last chance to pass the trials. If I pass the trials, I get granted whatever wish I desire, along with whatever superhero power I want.

Until next week.


p.s. The Source at the Academy states that 1 in every 10 people score the weekly experience points necessary to reach Level 20 hero when in the outside world. Enrolled in the Academy, the process can take anywhere from three to ten years for varying powers to manifest.