Mind Your Brain

The brain. We aren’t really taught how to take care of it.  We are told that it makes our body work.  That’s it. The brain only makes up for about 2% of the body’s total weight but uses anywhere from 20-30 percent of the body’s oxygen and resources.  Because of the amount of water inContinue reading “Mind Your Brain”

Water, Humans, Vibes

Summer break is just about over, and I want to plant some seeds for fall. Right now I don’t want to have you here reading this long. Let’s discuss vibrations, and why yours are so important.  But first, check out this page on Youtube of water vibration experiments and tests, then come back here. Okay,Continue reading “Water, Humans, Vibes”

The Collective Break…

…and The Power of Sunshine (opinion) For a mid-westerner, you grow up believing and trusting in the seasons.  There used to be about three to four months in each legitimately, before the weather really began acting on its own accord, in part because of people, and in part because of…people. Regardless, the past few yearsContinue reading “The Collective Break…”

A BlackRHIINO Update

It has been 25 years since we last heard from the young enlisted cadet who goes by the name of BlackRHIINO. Much has happened since then. It wasn’t a nuclear bomb.  It wasn’t aliens.  It was simply humanity’s millennia old curse of only learning at the last possible moment. Two months after his Destiny ChamberContinue reading “A BlackRHIINO Update”