The Seeker Of The Grail #7: Mentor Series-Plato

Introduction Plato, the middle of the three great Western Philosophers of Greece(not counting Pericles) in Socrates, himself, and Aristotle, is most known for his work The Republic.   In The Republic, Plato pursues the answer to two major questions for the morally and ethically inclined individual, an individual he believes, because of his expertise in ethical […]

The Seeker of the Grail #6: Mentor Series-Socrates

In the above picture, we see Socrates in the scene of his death. Socrates was sentenced to death because his ideas threatened the “status quo” of society at the time. We celebrate his thought processes today, being the teacher of Plato and by default, Aristotle, but we don’t understand that his thought processes got him […]

Seeker of the Grail #1

Happy New Year! New Year, New Life, New Hope “If there is life, there is hope.”  That’s a quote from the great physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking in the movie, “The Theory of Everything.”  Most of us would be hard-pressed to disagree. It’s why we try and try over again.  It’s why we develop ambition and […]