The “It” Factor

IT allows you to keep moving when you’re tired, to never ever quit no matter what, and most of all, to KNOW that you are capable of WHATEVER it is that you put your mind to.

The August Challenge

Friday If you’ve been following me on Instagram @thereeljamestaylor you may have noticed I posted a challenge for August. If you didn’t now you know. The challenge? To optimize through achieving total balance. It’s about accepting the whole, never aiming to take away or add, but living and dealing with what is, in every moment, […]


Most times the cycle ends and you’re a better person because of it. This leads to new cycles. Other times the cycle ends and you end up doing it all over again.

Perception and Ego

Until you can open yourself up completely without the fear, without perceptions which are mainly untrue, and express yourself fully, you will have an attitude about the way things are.

Personal Liberation and the Art of Self-Sabotage

1. First, you must CLEARLY see what IS wrong.
2. Next, you must DECIDE to be cured
3. You MUST act.
4. SPEAK so as to aim at being cured
5. Your livelihood must not conflict with your therapy
6. The therapy must go forward at the staying speed, a critical velocity that is sustainable. It takes energy, action, and motion on a CONSISTENT basis, all the time for this therapy to work.
7. One must THINK and FEEL about it incessantly
8. Learn how to contemplate with the deep mind

Just a Little Faith

Continually acting on that knowledge is the self-fulfilling—-”self full fill mente(mente means mind)”—-the action of filling oneself, and once you understand that process, what it takes to fill oneself with knowledge and energy, you realize how wasteful it is to share energy with those who are not willing to do the same.

Relax, Refresh, Recharge?

A break should rejuvenate and empower us to do better with our creative work. Our inspired work. Our light-bringing work. Our work that changes the world around us. However, if one is not motivated by their “work,” why are they doing that work? This must be considered.

Car Wash Diaries 1

How do you respond? Wanted to give you all a break from reading, as I know in two years most of the content online(80%) will be video content. Let me know what you think, and if you enjoyed the short video. If so I’ll make more! Have a great weekend!