Eating Like the Biggest Animals on Earth; The Plant-Based Approach-The Seeker Post #2:

By photosynthesis, plants are able to convert light into food. This is why fruits have the highest vibrational energy. It IS the closest food source to light energy. It’s how animals eat and feed their young, and how humans SHOULD be eating.

Mind Your Brain

The brain. We aren’t really taught how to take care of it.  We are told that it makes our body work.  That’s it. The brain only makes up for about 2% of the body’s total weight but uses anywhere from 20-30 percent of the body’s oxygen and resources.  Because of the amount of water inContinue reading “Mind Your Brain”


I’m a vegan. I typically don’t tell people that anymore.  It’s almost pointless.  At this point in human history, we are nearing a crescendo of human evolution as it is. The food pyramid was replaced by a plate in 2011 and for good reason.  Americans are overweight, and while it has slowed, the obesity rates haveContinue reading “Evolution”