Subliminal Cues for the Subconscious Mind-The Seeker Post #4

“Tribalism connotes chauvinistic othering: the belief, or tendency to accept, that a group that includes you is superior or should be favored over other groups.”

Changing and Mastering the Laws of the Subconscious Mind-The Seeker Post #3:

The subconscious doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s not. This also means it’s directly linked to our imaginative abilities.

The Academy of Destiny

Anything that I hadn’t accomplished in my life was solely due to my unwillingness to sacrifice everything.  

Small Skirmishes Surround the Battle

Week 5, Day 6 It was my first week in the field. I don’t know what day it happened.  This is all happening so fast.  Somewhere deep inside myself, I always knew the battle would be about as mentally debilitating as it was physically.  I began to wonder what exactly would be waiting for meContinue reading “Small Skirmishes Surround the Battle”