Achieving Total Victory in Your Life-The Seeker Post #11

Championships don’t always come in the way of sports, but to be a champion is to have done the best you can, for as long as you could have, UNTIL the outcome you seek has been achieved.

The Feeling of a K.O. Punch

This is not the feeling of “winning.” This is not the feeling of getting what you wanted. This isn’t even the feeling of going through a “tough time.” A K.O. punch takes months, if not years to prepare for and accomplish.  A knockout punch usually takes quite a bit of getting beat on, because aContinue reading “The Feeling of a K.O. Punch”

Small Skirmishes Surround the Battle

Week 5, Day 6 It was my first week in the field. I don’t know what day it happened.  This is all happening so fast.  Somewhere deep inside myself, I always knew the battle would be about as mentally debilitating as it was physically.  I began to wonder what exactly would be waiting for meContinue reading “Small Skirmishes Surround the Battle”